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Maternity Nurse Specialists 
Night Nurse

Joy4life has been in the introduction of maternity nurses and long term care for over 20 years. We help parents after the birth of their child with their long term care needs.


I am Ma Socorro Diez also known as Joy. I am a qualified midwife who worked for 6 years in the Philippines as a professional midwife and after that, I worked as a staff nurse in Saudi Arabia. I have lived in the UK for 28 years and specialise in maternity care. I have been working as a private carer in a distinguished family including the Royal Family in London for the last 9 years. In 2006, I decided to pursue my career as a professional maternity nurse in London. Now, I am running my own business Joy4life and catering for my clients in providing great service for families in their newly born.

I assessed, planned, implemented and evaluate the care of my clients because I am knowledgeable about pregnancy and its operating procedures. Postpartum and baby care were provided by me and it's my vision to promote and share my knowledge with those who have the same passion in caring for newly born babies. 


Maternity Nurse

Whether you are looking for assistance during your recuperation or for a child care solution for a few months, we are here to help.

Maternity Night Nurse

Maternity night nurse offer you support and care in the weeks after your baby is born. This will ensure this special time goes as smoothly as possible and mum receives the support she needs.

Maternity Training 

Includes help with sleep routines, feeding including formula and breastfeeding, nutrition and any health problems that arise in either baby or mum. 



Joy4life was the only company we used when searching for a Maternity Nurse. They were recommended to us by friends and after a brief discussion, they sent us a short-list of highly qualified candidates. We immediately found an exceptionally talented Maternity Nurse and were extremely happy with our choice.
T Watkins
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